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      Painting Services List

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      Lucy’s Handyman Solutions also takes pride in the capabilities and quality work of its painting specialists. We can assure all clients that our painters can perform their tasks efficiently and carefully with the best results at all times.

      This is just one of our many home improvement services.

      We handle interior painting and staining for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, doors, and windows. Our exterior services include porches, fences, doors, and courtyard furniture.

      We use only the best-quality paints and stains for wood, concrete and metal depending on the preferences of our valued customers.

      Our painting services include thorough inspection of the house and areas that need to be painted. After this, we will assist the homeowner in choosing homeowners in the process of color selection. This step is quite difficult but our paint experts will be glad to recommend the ideal and matching colors or color combinations.

      One of the fundamental rules in residential painting is to pick shades that complement or harmonize with plain surfaces around the abode such as bricks, roofs and landscapes. Simplicity is also essential because too many tints may not look nice. We use contrasting colors if necessary to highlight details. Our painters are capable of mixing light and bright shades to achieve the basic purpose of applying coats of paint for both interiors and exteriors.

      We recommend painting for several reasons:

      • Protect the home’s roofing and outer walls against harsh weather, acid, and other elements that hastens wear and tear.
      • Make your home look beautiful and impressive inside and out.
      • Help enhance the value of your property in case you decide to resell.

      Lucy’s Handyman Solutions puts premium on quality in home improvement because we want our customers to trust us and come back due to the company’s excellent and trustworthy services.

      Painting Services List

      Click on any services below to book