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      Handyman Service List

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      Are you looking for the most competent handyman for a day?

      At Lucy’s Handyman Solutions, home improvement is the core of our business. This is why we strive to provide the best handyman services to all our clients. Yet, we are more than just an ordinary handyman. We are professional service providers.

      Our wide array of valuable services includes:

      • Carpentry
      • Building
      • Plastering
      • Repairs and Maintenance
      • Upgrades
      • Bathroom & Kitchen Upgrades
      • Tiling
      • Cleaning
      • Painting
      • Replacement
      • Installation
      • Dry-Wall Patching
      • Water damage issues
      • Hardwood repairs

      As handyman for a day, our personnel are fully trained to perform all the tasks mentioned above.

      If you want a handyman for a day that will stand by his performance, then you have made the right decision in choosing us. Based on our contract, we promise to resolve any failure without extra charges and for a certain period for your protection.

      We provide a detailed estimate which is close to the exact amount. Clients can be assured there will be considerable extra payments above the submitted estimate. You can expect a fair price for all our services.

      Lucy’s Handyman Solutions goal is to ascertain constant mastery of skills, craftsmanship and excellent customer service for every job and client. We never stop in looking for improvement and creative solutions every step of the way. Our ultimate target is to find solutions to issues that confront homeowners. Each of our handymen is not only after getting the job done. This is a passion for all of them.

      The goal of Lucy’s Handyman Solutions is to guarantee affordable and responsible services. Expectant homeowners can look forward to this from simple repairs, replacement and cleaning to more complicated installations.

      Handyman Service List

      Click on any services below to book