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      Carpentry Services List

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      Lucy’s Handyman Solutions is a tried and tested provider of carpentry services. The company boasts of very capable carpenters who can live up to the hype of premium quality service.

      We have carpenters who can perform installation and repairs of the following:

      • Doors and Windows
      • Roofing and Sidings
      • Gutters
      • Bathrooms
      • Verandas

      Our expertise in carpentry extends to unfinished living spaces, basements, bedrooms, and kitchens. Lucy’s Handyman Solutions can introduce the appropriate refurbishment based on homeowners preferences, budget and requirements. We prioritize aesthetic attraction and giving more value to your homes.

      When it comes to roofing, our carpenters can fix leaks and replace detached shingles regardless of materials. We have highly capable roof installers if what your domicile needs is total replacement. The roof is vital to the looks of your house so we will make sure to choose the colors, dimensions and shapes of shingles. Our objective is to create an appearance that adds allure and character as well as resale value.

      Our exterior carpentry services also include installation of sidings and wall decorative coverings to adorn, insulate and protect your abode from extreme weather conditions. We set up or repair doors and windows that will surely enhance the artistic appeal and energy-efficiency of your home.

      Lucy’s Handyman Solutions also offer the right bath room solutions such as putting in new bathtubs, shower fixtures and fittings. We repair clogged, broken or drooping gutters to prevent these from leading to more serious issues such as water damages.

      Many households will definitely opt for our home improvement services because our craftsmen have earned their marks both individually and collectively. We simply want to make sure that you will love the repairs, improvements and replacements that we have done for your home. And, you will call us again for other projects in the future.

      Carpentry Services List

      Click on any services below to book